The advantages of hand car washing include:

  1. The possibility of using our service at a location of your choice.
  2. All water used in the service being transported to the location by ourselves in our specially equipped vehicle. All water is then disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.
  3. Hand washing is the least intrusive and most effective way to clean your car. Compared to brush washing, hand car washing allows a focus on the particular areas of your car which need cleaning most, resulting in an all-over perfect clean. No areas are missed as they are often in brush washing.
  4. You may have heard the phrase "the wheels make the car" and we hope you will agree with us that this claim is more than true. For this reason, we clean alloy wheels on your car to get the best result.
  5. Thanks to the application of liquid wax and thorough hand drying, your paint will shine and your car will be protected from external influences, such as dust, pollution and tree sap.
  6. Whilst we work on making your car look its best, you can spend your time at home with your family, at work or elsewhere.

The main disadvantages of brush cleaning are:

  1. Imperfect washing and drying, leaving streaks and unclean areas:
    Universal-set, generic cleaning brushes cannot adapt to the exact contours of your vehicle. Uneven brush pressure cannot provide an even clean. Mechanical damage such as a broken antenna, windshield wipers and rear view mirror breaks are possible.
  2. Lacquer body loses its lustre, and produces periodic traces and scratches in your paintwork.
    Why? Because brushes in the washing lines are often contaminated with sand, particles of dirt from previous washes, and other impurities. These contaminated paint brushes deplete the finish of your paintwork over time
  3. Imperfect cleaning of wheels, trims and tires.
    In contrast, our hand washing program can be adjusted depending on the type and degree of pollution, getting your wheels and trims truly clean.
  4. Quality
    Mechanical brush washers never achieved the same quality result as hand washing. They do not see and appreciate your car as we do, so there truly is no comparison in the service provided.

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